Public Lecture On Why The World Should Boycott Israel

ABOUT Assoc Prof Dr Peter Slezak:

Dr. Peter Slezak is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of New South Wales. He obtained his BA from University of New South Wales and his MPhil and PhD from Columbia University, New York.

Professor Slezak’s areas of teaching and research include philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, Galileo, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language. He has also published widely on science education and the sociology of science as a combatant in the ‘Science Wars’. Continue reading

Daie Milenia Do It Together Festival


Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda “Kenikmatan pertama yang perlu dipertanggungjawabkan oleh hamba Allah pada Hari Kiamat adalah berupa pertanyaan, ‘Bukankah Kami menyihatkan tubuh kamu dan Kami hilangkan dahaga kamu dengan air yang dingin?’, Rasulullah menyambung, ‘Tidak seorang pun diizinkan bergerak daripada kedudukannya di Hari Kiamat sehingga dia menjawab bagaimana dia menghabiskan hidupnya, bagaimana dia menggunakan pengetahuannya, dari mana dia memperoleh dan ke mana dia membelanjakan hartanya dan bagaimana dia menggunakan kesihatannya.”

Bersempena dengan Program Daie Milenia anjuran Kolej Tun Syed Nasir,UKM bakal berlangsungnya Mini Simposium pada ketetapan berikut.

Tarikh : 16 April 2017 (Ahad)
Tempat : Masjid Negara
Tiket : RM20
Masa : 9:00 pagi- 12:30 Tengahari Continue reading


Date : 5 Mac 2017
Day : Sunday
Time : 2.30 – 4.30 pm
Venue : MATIC, Jalan Ampang. Kuala Lumpur
Ticket : RM30.00
Contact Person : 013 3357180 Miqdam
Website :
FB : Mawlid Qasidah Malaysia

A special event to all Muslims and Non Muslims to the feeling of true love (Mahabbah) to ALLAH the Creator and to HIS messenger Saidina wa Maulana Muhammad Sollallah ‘Alaihi Wasallam (MUHAMMAD Sollallah ‘Alaihi Wasallam, No. 1 From the 100, a Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, by Michael H. Hart) Continue reading

Unveiling the Unseen ( 1937 -1971) Photography Exhibiton at IAMM

Almarhum Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah “Unveiling the Unseen (1937 – 1971)” photography exhibition will be on display at the Open Space Gallery of the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia from 8th February 2017 – 31th March 2016.

Almarhum Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah was born in Kuala Terengganu on 24 January 1907 and was installed as the Sultan of Terengganu in 1945. He became Malaysia’s fourth Yang Di Pertuan Agong in 1965 in a reign that Tunku Abdul Rahman described as an eventful and glorious one. But less known to many was that he was also an accomplished pioneer photographer during the important global modernist era, taking up photography at the age of only 16 in 1923. Continue reading

Night of Nur

Al-Ikhlas presents in association with Gerakan Pengguna Siswa Malaysia [GPS] USIM, Persada @ Felda Students Association Nilai University and Islamic Student Society Nilai University “Night of Nur” Featuring the renowned International speaker “Shaykh Hussain Yee” who would be delivering a powerful talk on the topic of Surah Al-Kahf

Event Details
Date: 28th February 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Entry fee: RM 2
Venue: PH Hall, Nilai University, No 1, Persiaran Universiti, Putra Nilai, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


Increasing Prostrations : Fiqh of the Optional Prayers

18 – 19 March 2017

After the five obligatory prayers that every Muslim needs to perform, there are a number of other prayers of incredible benefit in Islam. This course will endeavour to shed light on these prayers and the specifics regarding them, so we can increase our imaan and become more faithful to our Lord. Continue reading

The Dangers & Deceptions of Shia

We are bringing back the second session of the talk on Shi’ism with Sheikh Haytham Sayfaddîn where he will be discussing on how they are different from the Ahlul Sunnah when it comes to the 6 pillars of Eeman. Come join us this Tuesday, 24th January 2017 from 8.30pm till 10 pm at Ruang, not only learning about Shi’ism but refreshing our knowledge on the pillars of Eeman.

The Straight Path Convention “The Diving Rights”

With the Grace of Allah, we are pleased to announce #TheDivineRights coming to Kuala Lumpur on the 25th & 26th of March 2017!

Join Mufti Menk, Dr. Muhammad Salah, Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem, Sheikh Abu Usamah and Ustaz Hassan Akbar as we discuss the Divine Rights revealed by Allah and established among His creations.

Date: Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th of March 2017
Venue: Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre
Time: 9.30AM to 6.30PM
Ticket Price: RM110 per person

Login to to book your tickets today and may Allah bless all of you!

iMuslim Story Night: Defending His Legacy; Prophet Muhammad SAW



Come join us this Friday night for an amazing lecture about the GREATEST man that ever lived, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

This lecture will help YOU defend his legacy by addressing questions, such as:

Why did the companions love him so much?
What did he talk about in his Last Khutbah?
What were lessons from his last day?
How can WE defend his sunnah?

Venue: KGPA Bukit Kiara Continue reading

IslamicizKIds Show 31st Mac – 2 Apr

The i-WIKI 2017 will be platform connecting all the parents, children and exhibitors from various fields. The expo which will be held from 31st March 2017 to 2nd April 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The i-WIKI 2017 will accommodate the need of the prime target group who are the parents, kids, the family as a whole and also the schools to expose their pupils on brand new fun filled informative kids’ world
please register online at

The Prophets of Allah : Their Lives & Timeless Lessons

Instructor: Sheikh Daood Butt
Date: 7th & 8th January 2017
Time: 8.30 AM – 7.00 PM
Venue: MAHSA University, Kuala Lumpur
Fee: RM250

The stories of the Prophets are mentioned throughout the Qur’an and provide an insight into the key incidents in the lives of those chosen by Allah. In each of these incidents have been preserved timeless lessons for every person looking to follow in the footsteps of the most blessed of mankind. In this course we will study these important stories in order to reflect upon the lessons contained therein and implement what we have learned in order to better our own character and conduct. The legacy of Prophethood is something intrinsically linked to our faith and as such, we should all be familiar with the stories of our noble Prophets and how they apply to our own lives. Continue reading

IAMM International Photography Competition 2017

The competition will be held online until 31st March 2017. Each photographs submitted must be taken within Southeast Asia showing its culture and heritage and the photographer should include a short description for the captured images. Top 50 photographs finalists will be evaluated by a panel of juries and three (3) grand prize winners will be announced to grab a total prize amount of RM10,000. The selection will be based on originality, relevance to the topic, creativity, technical excellence and artistic merits. Continue reading